Hi everyone! My name is Bree. Iím looking for critique partners/writing buddies to continue a long-term partnership with. I have one critique partner right now, and itís been absolutely amazing partnering with her. Iím now looking to add one or two more critique partners to my crew.

A little about me (and the expertise I bring to a CP partnership)Ö

Iíve earned a B.A. in English Language and Literature, a Creative Writing graduate certificate, and an M.A. in Creative & Critical Writing. I kicked off my writing career as an Editorial Intern with P.S. Literary Agency, where I read unrepresented manuscripts, wrote readerís reports, and advised agents about requests. Shortly after my internship ended, I was hired on as an Editorial Literary Assistant with P.S. Literary Agency. I remained in that role for nearly three years before transitioning into higher education. I now teach creative writing at a university.

I'm passionate about socially progressive YA fiction.

A little about my work...

I have a finished YA fantasy manuscript that Iím currently querying. This is the blurb/pitch for that book:

When 18yo Mackenzie saves a boy from drowning, the last thing she expects is to be given the ability to see peopleís lifespans. Tasked with the powers of a Liberant, Mackenzie is given a job she never asked for, but one she must rise to the challenge of: saving people from premature death.

My current work in progress (the book Iíd love to have some partners offer insight on) is a witchy contemporary fantasy YA about a girl whoís going after the magicians who murdered her parents.If this seems like something you'd be interested in reading, I'd love to connect! Please either reply here or send me a DM if youíre interested in swapping a chapter to see if weíd make a good fit.

Bree, xx