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Thread: Should I start with short stories?

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    Where have the last ten years gone? Bufty's Avatar
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    Welcome, vicelimmer. The best tips or standard pro forma you will find are what you learn from reading books of the kind you wish to write.

    If, as you say, you feel inspired to write - the best tip I can give you is just start to write. You don't mention what type of stories or novels you want to write but if you have a basic knowledge of grammar, and can express yourself clearly you are more than half-way there.

    Try saying what you mean and mean what you say.

    Keep to the point and aim for clarity and flow.

    Browse the Share-Your Work Forum here. You can comment on posts if you wish but cannot open a new thread in that Forum until you have 50 overall posts. (Don't rush to get those 50 posts in )

    We can learn a lot about our own writing habits from observing the work of others and spotting what strikes us as maybe off or not quite as clear as it should be.

    Have fun -
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