I started my self-pub career selling my books on all the major online sales channels such as B&N and Apple. Got almost zip except on Amazon with them. So I went solely with Amz & so became eligible to receive money from their subscription services: Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. I was surprised to find that I make at least as much money from KU/KOLL as from book sales.

I just checked the Amz report dashboard. The sales on my latest books have plateaued and begun to drop. The usual pattern is for the decline to be slow until about three months till the level is just a few sales each day.

BUT the income levels from KU/KOLL work differently (for me at least). They ramp up more slowly than book sales. And thus peak and begin to drop more slowly.

So today I found that that I'm at that peak in book sales. But I'm not bothered. Because I also found KU/KOLL is still ramping up.

Meanwhile I'm continuing my usual work habits: working on two or three books. I swap off as my inspiration flags on my main WIP. Eventually one book is finished and I can publish it. BUT I usually wait until the two revenue streams drop to a certain level (for me about a $100 a day).

Wishing everyone good luck in our latest crisis.