Roxxsmom - Try running the carriers through the dishwasher if they're small enough, or washing inside and out in the tub. Then wipe all over the outside with disinfectant wipe after you put the pets in. Or ask whoever ends up taking them what they want you to do.

We are doing OK. *I* was doing OK. We spent 10 days locked inside with no real problem. Then I had to go get groceries. That was hard. Most of them are still out in the car waiting for the virus to die down before we bring them inside. Then yesterday we took the other car out to give it some driving time (it's not great for a car to sit around for weeks without being used) and picked up take-out Indian. YUM.

But that was awful. The food was great! but the gyrations I went through to make sure no contaminated hands that had touched any of the food containers touched any of the dishes was harrowing. I need to do another shopping run and I Just. Don't. Want. To. We had a nice safe cocoon in here, and now I'm introducing potentially contaminated things. ARGH. I've used up more hand sanitizer in the last two days than in the two weeks before that. It's making me very anxious. My wife can't touch anything from outside. The REASON we're so tightly locked down is because of her multiple co-morbidities. So it's all on me to shop, haul, and make sure no virus glitter gets inside the house and kills my wife.