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Thread: COVID-19 - least favourite things. (But I guess you could do favourite things as well)

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    practical experience, FTW mccardey's Avatar
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    COVID-19 - least favourite things. (But I guess you could do favourite things as well)

    1. Not hugging people.

    I know that in normal life we're not meant to hug people any more because it's a rool or something (which can I just say I think is terribly unfair because I like hugging people and how come I can't hug you but you're still allowed to irritate me, when I hate people irritating me? - but let it pass...) But now with COVID-19 it's medically contra-indicated to hug people.

    I think that's the saddest thing in the whole world. (Except for people dying is also sad.)

    Please add your least favourite things here. Also, if you have favourite things, that would be fine too, I guess - but let's not go all Julie Andrews about it. This isn't a thread for making people feel better. I don't start threads to make people feel better.

    However - my favourite thing is that people won't visit me any more if I cough at them on the phone. That's rather handy.
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