Iíve been round and about in the writing world for a while now ó over the past two decades I wrote, submitted, and trunked two sf novels, started a webcomic within six months of deciding to give up on writing, tentatively started working on a novel again eight years into the webcomic and finished a zero draft in 2018, then spent most of last year unable to write on either novel or comic due to what I eventually realized was a bad case of burnout. Figuring out that it was burnout has helped me crawl free, a bit, and Iím working my way through... well, on good days Iíd call it a revision of the 2018 novel. On bad days itís more like best two out of three in a cage match with an octopus.

In between cage matches Iím finding myself missing people to talk writing at (my husband, while supportive, can only take so many And Then Thereís THIS Character Arc rants before he starts looking shifty and sliding towards the door), and with AW back up I finally talked myself into getting an account instead of just lurking.

Iíve poked around a bit and will inevitably find something to opine upon soon, but in the meantime... *waves awkwardly*