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Your link worked great, for the record. And your frog is quite a charmer. Good paint job! Does he have a name?
Thanks! No, he doesn't have a name. I noticed we usually only name things of which we have two, to keep the apart. Maybe if we ever get him a companion, we'll name him. But first he needs a pond.

You would think to bake acorns if you'd been traumatized in third grade by an acorn that delivered a thick wriggling creature on top of your pencils in your desk at school. I can still envision it, and that was a whole lot of years ago. If you bake your acorns and pine cones at 200F (~93C) for 90 minutes, stirring every half hour, the eggs that spawn such a creature are killed. Apparently it will sometimes pop the caps off acorns (mine stayed on), so it's good to keep them together in some way or you'll never match them up again if you have a lot of acorns.
Well, I'd think to never forget about baking them now. Not with that particular mental image.

Thank you for having endured that so others won't need to.

And you've even included temperatures and time so I won't need to have to look it up! My entire street is lined with oak. Like Mrsmig, I'm am sorely tempted to try this now.