Robert Donovan - good luck with that Query and synopsis
Pterofan - good to see you back. Back in the old days in the UK it was legal to buy porn magazines but not bibles on Sunday.
April - oh, another 2K from you. I'll have a go at that again in a few days time. Stay safe.
Patty - I like the sound of that sort of renovation. Good luck, hope it turns out right.
Layla - good work from you too (for some reason I keep forgetting you - sorry)

OK I managed 1390 words on "Fishy Tail" today, finishing off the "Intern" Chapter. Kaylee has started her investigation into the Admiral, and at the CIA guy's suggestion, has looked at pictures of Auschwitz. She was sickened by what she saw, but discovered that one of the camp guards had an interesting tattoo. After that she goes to the pool and does some tricks such as tail walking. Tomorrow she will investigate the meaning of the tattoo.

I might do a little on Dustworld tonight plot-wise but probably not.


Mowed the front and back lawns for the first time since September. They need work.
Our new toaster arrived, yay.
Feeling worried about going out now. Shopping is the worst.

keep swimming!