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Taylor -- I hope your symtoms keep being mild. Take extra care to distance yourself from others, as it could well be you have the virus. I've spoken to people who have had it, and they only felt a little wonky the first 3-5 days, like they had a cold coming on, bit of headache, so on. I myself have been feeling like that since yesterday, so we'll see how that goes. Only place I've been is to the shops twice to stock up for myself and my parents, but it could well be enough. I just hope I didn't spread it to them.
Thanks for the concern. I've felt great since Tuesday. When I'm off work I have to remind myself to hydrate and eat a full meal, so what happened doesn't strike me as abnormal. Still, being as cautious as possible. I've only made one trip into town proper to buy stamps. A light grocery run will be necessary today, but the crowds haven't been bad here. Other than that, just taking daily walks with my pup, and hey, the sun's back out!