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Thread: Making readers care about an "off-screen" character

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    I'd suggest placing objects and/or traditions in the story that show how much she loved him. She wants him alive--we want those we love, alive

    An urn of his ashes (I mean, not that, because I bet he still has his body) or a memento from his moment of death, on the hall table. Maybe she has a charm bracelet and she adds a charm for every month that goes by without him. Maybe she goes to an organized ritual--like a balloon release at the cemetery--and talks with others about their loved deceased. Through those discussions, we come to know him. Maybe she can go through his e-files/letters/youtube channel/etc and from that, we see the man he was.

    Those are the sorts of ideas I'd play with. Find some idea that really resonates with you and make it pack a punch. It's OK if in the end we care more about the girl than the boy--like Liz said--I don't think the reader will be analyzing it at that level. (Edit for clarity: I think if they care for the girl, you will be all right.)
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