I'm 50K words into my newest book, and I'm starting to wonder about my victims, starting to feel a little guilty about using them. In a nutshell, my MC steals a lot of money from human traffickers and then runs, not knowing whose money it is. They chase her. Cat and mouse. That part has been fun to write. But I have a plotline that deals with the victims--the women being trafficked--and I'm wondering if it's bad to use that concept to fuel my novel. I'm purposely keeping them in the shadows--literally and figuratively. They've been brought into the US, they're being hidden, and they will be rescued before they're victimized further. I have no intention of writing scenes that bring them into the world they were heading for--no prostitution, no sexual abuse, not even any physical abuse beyond the fact that they've been kidnapped, transported, and hidden in a dark room. I visit them once in a while (I have an MC of that plotline through whom I tell that part of the story) to remind the reader they're there and what's at stake... What do you think? Is this too slimy? I'm about ready to chuck it and start something else because of this second-guessing, but I think it's the best of the five books I've written so far, so I kind of hate that idea too. Would love your thoughts. Thanks!