Questions for you to answer are in bold.

I shared the first bit of my MG short story collection in the 200 words SYW thread. Some people had issues with one of my POV characters' name. (it's in 3rd person) His name is Joshua-Gabe. I'm used to it so I don't see a problem with it being clunky/awkward/bogging down the narrative like people said.

Do you think the name "Joshua-Gabe" as being too clunky/awkward/bogging down the narrative?

Also Joshua-Gabe's parents' names are Charles and Carley. I call them by their first names in the narrative (not in Joshua-Gabe's dialogue, though).

Are the names Charles and Carley too similar?

There is a girl who is friend with and has a crush on Joshua-Gabe. Her name is Jeganna (she's an alien)

Do the names Joshua-Gabe and Jeganna look too much alike?

Woo. There are all my questions. Have at it friends.