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It does seem to me that Joshua-Gabe would have acquired a nickname, it's quite a high effort set of syllables
That was my thought too. Also, isn't Gabe short for Gabriel? They seem a bit mismatched because Joshua is the full version of the name while Gabe is a short version. AFAIK both names are Hebrew/Biblical origin so they are well-pared from that point of view.

On the other hand, what your character is called depends on his parents. I name characters on the basis of what their parents would call them, given their parents' backgrounds. If it fits with their background that he gets a fairly clunky double-barrel first name, then go with it. Maybe it's something that could be commented on by other characters. Maybe your character doesn't like his name being shortened and gets annoyed if people call him Josh or JG. Or maybe he's fine being known as Josh or JG. Or Joshie if you want a more affectionate sounding short version.

Re Charles and Carley - maybe change the spelling of Carley... Karlie perhaps. The reason they look too similar to me is that Carley is only one letter away from Charley which is short for Charles (albeit Charlie is a more common spelling) so basically the same name.