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Thread: Are there problems with my characters' names?

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    In a middle grade book, I'm okay with Charles and Carley for parents, because parents are usually referred to by children as 'Mom' and 'Dad' or whatever title your family uses.
    So it's not like Charles and Carley are going to get a lot of use, except in narration, where it should be fairly clear who is being referred to, or, not very important. 'A parental unit' opened the door.' And, the 'matching' names will remind the readers that these are the parents. (As long as all the friends aren't named Chuck, Chachi, Karl, Kenny, etc.)

    As to 'Joshua-Gabe', it sounds lengthy, clunky and unrealistic. How many of his friends are going to bother with the whole thing? Even in a really Biblical area, Joshua or Gabriel should be sufficient. And, shortening 'Gabe' feels like even the parents thought it was a bit of a mouthful.
    Maybe he goes by some variant of one of those, and hearing 'Joshua-Gabe' or 'Joshua Gabriel' lets him know that he's annoyed a parent or teacher in some way.
    In my tests, 'John Gabriel' is less clunky, but 'John Gabe' makes me wonder why they kept the 'Gabe'. Unless they had 6 kids named John, and were desperate.

    As to the alien, naming aliens is not my bag.
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