Well, as predicted weeks ago, we are now #1, at least in confirmed cases (not deaths ... yet). In per capita terms, we're way ahead of China in terms of cases, of course, and have been for some time. There are also over a half a million reported cases worldwide now, and this is still climbing sharply.


I'm just feeling ... sad right now. Still so many folks not seeming to take this as seriously as they should. Had a weird conversation with my brother last night. He's an MD (oncologist), and we're generally on the same page about stuff related to medicine and the implications of this pandemic. He was freaking out, though, about how his two high-school-aged daughters aren't in school now, and they haven't started online learning at their school yet, and they're already a couple of weeks BEHIND, and the AP exams and SATs and stuff are still scheduled, and how will his girls be PREPARED to get into a good college? I dryly pointed out that most other kids in the US are going to be similarly behind, and his girls have the advantage of educated, intellectual parents who can help them with their distance learning in a way most parents can't. They may even come out AHEAD in relative terms, but he started to rant about the teacher's union at his school, and how the teachers don't have to work, and now his daughters are just sitting around texting with their friends and watching you tube videos (my nieces were the poster children for over scheduled kids of privilege prior to this, so maybe they do appreciate the break).

I was a bit annoyed, because people are dying right now, so concerns over losing a couple of months of school seem a bit misplaced. But I also realized that my brother is probably anxious about a kajillion things right now, same as I am--our mom's health issues and her overall risk factors, his patients (he's an oncologist), his practice, the economy, and he is probably mourning lost normalcy, just as we all are. People can get oddly fixated on particular issues that seem odd, even selfish, to other people. I suppose we all have to cut people slack right now and let them work their anxiety through in their own way.