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Thread: Vegas Debate

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizmonster View Post
    Every day Bloomberg has had the most headlines, often by a large margin.
    In the run-up to 2015, you could sort of wave away media love for Trump by pointing out that Trump was a major clown-show, and clown-shows garner clicks and readers, which sells advertising.

    But this time? Bloomberg is as flamboyant as a dead-three-days squirrel. Hard to see their coverage of him as not being partly a form of wealth worship.

    It may also be simple misogyny, but I keep in mind most of mainstream media is pretty conservative. I don't mean that they're all voting Republican, but neither are they carrying hippy-dippy socialist water. Their employers are Big Business, whose CEOs benefit from Republican tax policies. Certainly, the Wall Street Journal will fawn over a status quo Democrat more than candidates that talk about raising taxes on those who can best afford it, and reigning in the excesses of Big Business. Including the media conglomerates.
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