Iíve been wanting to make this post since summer but I felt weird and embarrassed. By the time I worked up the courage to say it the site was down. By the time it came back I talked myself out of it again. Well, gonna try to say this in a way that doesnít make me sound like an asshole but also doesnít make me sound like Iím looking for pity. And before I say anything, yes, I acknowledge that yíall arenít professional therapist and are not responsible for my mental and emotional well being.

I hate people. I grew up an abusive household and learned a strong mistrust of humanity. Beta up at home. Bet up at school. Iíve become a very closed off person. 98% of the time I just donít wan to deal with people. And even when I am feeling lonely I feel like 98% of the people I meet just arenít worth the effort. The older I get the more I realize how important it is to have people in your life so Iím making a concentrated effort to put myself out there more and be far less judgmental. So I guess this entire post is a long-winded way of saying: ďIs there anyone out there whoís really good at making friends and loves talking to new people because I really suck at thisÖĒ