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Am I the only one who figures this is really a moot point since the election will be rigged (even more aggressively than last time) and *rump will be “reelected”?
I'm still going to fight, but Trump is openly asking for help, Putin's always ready to help Trump out since anything that hurts the US helps him, and the GOP is enabling foreign interference and any other crime Trump and any Republican commit. You don't block election security bills after known foreign interference unless you're a treasonous, corrupt piece of rotting garbage. Which, well, that's what the GOP is now.

And they are going to regret it. Toadies don't fare well under dictatorships. All those Trump voters aren't going to like what this country becomes, and while they deserve to live in it, we decent folk don't.

I'm going out swinging. Hanging in to vote in the primary, using every last bit of energy on activism, because it can't hurt. Vetted the politics of the funeral director (friend of a friend). We just designed my "celebration of life" card and I am really only having any kind of memorial as a cash grab (in lieu of flowers) aimed at fighting voter suppression, electing Democrats and for a few liberal causes. We can't make it easy for them.