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Thread: The 2020 Short-Story Reading Challenge

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    Still working through Wendell Berry.

    62. "A Burden," by Wendell Berry

    Uncle Peach is back, with his tall tales and whisky jug. This character/situation study details how old Peach was always trouble, and was passed around from one family member to another until falling into young lawyer Wheeler Catlett's reluctant care.

    63. "A Desirable Woman," by Wendell Berry.

    Newly married Laura Milby and her preacher husband arrive in the river town of Sycamore to pastor a church. The pressures of small-town scrutiny and the need for strict adherence to the most rigorous interpretations of the Gospel stifle the God-given urge for desire and wonder. Young and newly independent Tom Coulter arrives to work on a local farm, and the desire cannot be denied. Not quite as scandalous a story as it sounds, but very real and a strong example of Berry's talent for clever playfulness at wording and apt symbolism.

    64. "Misery," by Wendell Berry

    Andy Catlett narrates early memories of his grandparents' marriage, which was not a happy one. The two were simply too different, and the initial exoticism that attracted them in their younger years became a wedge as they struggle to cope in a changing world they didn't really understand.

    65. "Andy Catlett: Early Education," by Wendell Berry

    Young scamp Andy is incurably curious, frustrating his mother who has little time to keep the young man in line. Investigating questions regarding The Night Before Christmas leads to investigating the chimney, and learning Santa has not shot at floating up the chimney, nor keeping his white beard its pristine color.
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    The 2020 Reading Challenge is underway. Click for more information and to join in the fun.

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