Charlie Pierce says it too: The debate that preceded the vote was a comprehensive look at the scalded wasteland of the conservative mind in 2019.

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Where does all this passion come from? Where was this enthusiasm for the president* in 2015 and 2016? I swear, the Republicans didn’t line up this fervently behind Richard Nixon or this ferociously against Bill Clinton. But for El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago? Everybody’s leaping to the barricades and throwing themselves on hand grenades. Speaking in my capacity as an internet psychologist, I have to wonder if they’ve all looked over the only life-form left on the dead landscape of their ideas and can’t stand the sight of it as it snuffles and snorts and devours the remaining bits of rotting offal that used to be a philosophy.
Some of it seems to be a purely delusional belief on the part of evangelical conservatives that "God has selected Trump". If true, I can't think of a better argument for atheism.

But aside from that, the more pragmatic among the GOP must recognize that removing Trump would install Pence in the White House, and that Pence would cheerfully rubberstamp the same agenda of installing conservative judges, to roll back social (read: monetary and legal) protections for the poor and minorities, all while probably committing fewer crimes to distract from this agenda.

So what is it? Why have they welded themselves to this man's ass cheeks? Many of them professed to think he was uniquely ill-suited to become president before he actually won the election. And I can understand walking back that rhetoric to preserve their own jobs. But now? In the face of the man's documented betrayals of his office? That are surely going to be used by Democrats in the run-up to the 2020 elections, which some of them have to be worried about? They behave as though nothing, and I mean nothing, can sway them from supporting him not just tepidly, but full-throated fervently. Why? I don't get it.