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Thread: 2020 Weekend Update Thread

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    The Possum of Happiness AW Moderator regdog's Avatar
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    2020 Weekend Update Thread

    Welcome to all Weekend Updaters, past, present and future. Yes, it's a new thread for a new year!

    To refresh for those long-time Progress Reporters and to clarify for all the new ones -- we're here to help you achieve your goals by being the place where you're accountable, being a cheering section, the shoulder to cry on, the folks who say those people who rejected you are fools, FOOLS, and they'll rue the day, the folks who cheer wildly when you get an acceptance, and so on.

    The "Rules" for posting here are pretty simple.

    1. You don't have to write humor to post here -- any writer writing in any or all genres can post here. But you can be funny if you want. We're all over the funny.

    2. Every weekend, starting on Friday and ending on Sunday, we post the progress we've made with our various writing careers. This includes whatever you consider part of your career -- writing, editing, submitting, critiquing, promotion, brainstorming, research, etc. It's your career, it's up to you.

    3. How to report? Give us your word count for the week, your submissions for the week, the number of words you edited during the week, any acceptances garnered, and anything else you did to move your career forward. It's that simple.

    4. Since many writers are also artists and musicians, we count art- and music-related progress as well, as long as it's also part of your overall career.

    5. The WPR Dominatrix (that's me) hands out virtual prizes and encouragements and so forth. We occasionally have a Guest Dominatrix just because.

    6. There are prizes for: The most words written in a week; the most submissions for the week; the most words edited for the week; the first to report each Friday; and the last to come in late (we don't encourage competition for this one!); the exciting news of the week (like acceptances, media coverage, getting paid, etc.)

    7. What counts for submissions? Anything where your piece could be rejected. Blogs count for word count, but not for submission, UNLESS your blog can (really and truly) be rejected by someone else other than yourself, aka an actual editor/boss. When posting, be sure to make the distinction for a rejectable blog, so it can count in your submissions tally for the week.

    8. Remember that being accountable helps achieve goals. We encourage updates even when someone hasn't done anything or anything much. The act of reporting IS an important step, and we want to hear from you, even if it's to say you achieved squat for the week.

    9. Yes, if you drift away and come back there are no penalties. This is a support thread, not your job or your mom. Therefore, it's up to you how frequently you update. Studies have shown that being accountable is a huge factor in success (seriously, and we are not making this up), but it's all down to you, and we will not be down ON you.

    Still confused about how it works? Check out the 2019 thread for examples.

    Welcome to 2020, let's make this the Year of the Updaters and really achieve those career goals!
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