I recently recovered from a twenty-year writers' block where I had completely given up on writing, and now I am almost finished with my first draft of my very first novel. Permitting myself to write badly was the key to overcoming my anxiety about it. It's all about dumping as much information and detail as you can onto a page and then walking away from it for a few days then go back and organize it. Another trick I have found that works is to write a scene in three different ways. I call it the trifecta. I'm not saying it's the fix-all for everyone, but it works for me. Also, if I write something but I can't figure out what is wrong with it, walking away from it a couple of days usually gives me perspective. When I say walk away, I mean give yourself permission to abandon something and move on to the next idea. There is a good chance what you wrote before will end up in the scrap pile anyway. Another thing, don't stop writing. When you are dealing with writers' block, sometimes quantity over quality will lead to an idea. Or take a walk and get some air and perspective but come back to it. I hope this helps someone!