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Thread: What’s Your Winter Music?

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    What’s Your Winter Music?

    I am one of those people who genuinely loves Winter holiday music; the solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas—I love them all, and reserve music for Winter. Partially it’s out of nostalgia; my parents played Christmas records. They played the standards, like Handel’s Messiah, and The Nut Cracker Suite, and lots and lots of carols. One of my favorite albums as a child was a Time Life collection of carols, many of them Medieval, that came with a trio of books about Christmas. I loved those books so much I bought my own set as an adult, and I have a digital copy of the record, complete with pops and crackles.

    Some of my favorites right now are the Medieval carols from Anonymous 4 (they have several CDs; On Yoolis Night is a favorite), and Mediaeval Baebes (several albums, though Mistletoe and Wine is a favorite). I also dearly love Annie Lennox’ A Christmas Cornucopia album, and Sting’s If On A Winter’s Night. These are’t all carols, or even Christmas; some are winter related but not tied to a holiday.

    What are you listening to in your Winter playlists? What are you loving right now? (Holiday/winter related or not, what's working for you?)

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