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What is your reason for using multiple tenses, flashbacks and sub-flashbacks, and other fancy techniques? If you can't put into words why these things are making your story better, you might want to stick to more traditional techniques.

Note: "It feels right" doesn't always produce the best results.
I don't really consider these fancy techniques. The flashbacks are just memories that come up; I probably should have used that term.

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It completely depends on the genre though. Using the present tense is pretty much accepted in crime/thriller/psychological suspense and also YA. They are plenty of debuts in present tense that I have hooked agents and been published for the commercial market and have been bestsellers so not very hard to sell for the correct genre. A few recent examples:

AJ Finn's The Woman in the Window
Clare Empson's Him
Lucy Foley's The Hunting Party
Rory Power's The Wilder Girl
Gabriel Tallent's My Absolute Darling
Paula Hawkins The Girl on the Train
Laura Marshall's Friend Request
Angie Thomas The Hate You Give
Thank you for this list!