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Thread: Do you need to have an idea before you write?

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    I’ll often be struck by a thought for a scene, a conversation, or even just a line that I really want to write, and I end up building a whole story just to get up to that point. Probably not the most efficient or logical way to write (or do anything) but I have to say it’s been working for me. It gives me a definite goal, I suppose. And when I do eventually make it to the spot where that initial inspiration moment belongs, it’s usually such a wonderful aha! moment and I end up laughing to myself hysterically in the coffee shop, bar, my desk at work, wherever I happen to be writing... so that’s fun.

    Basically, I’d say yes, an idea is good to have before starting writing, but the concept of an “idea” can be anything from a fully formed and functioning outline to... huh, sycophant is a weird word, I want to see what happens with that.
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