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Thread: 4th agent cited word count for genre as one rejection reason

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    It's Cool, Miss Pop if You're Nasty cool pop's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    I don't even read fantasy and I know that's extremely low for the genre. Most the fantasy I see is 130,000 words plus. You might need to expand it. Try throwing in some subplots that fit or adding more conflict or more depth into what you already got.
    Usually I would say just go with what you wrote and be happy but this is a genre issue and I'm afraid you will keep running into this problem. Try to get it to at least 100k. That's only about 40,000 words. Seems massive but not much once you get into the writing. The agents are rejecting because they know what readers want and readers in this genre are used to meaty books. Good luck!
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