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Thread: 4th agent cited word count for genre as one rejection reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by writerjordan View Post
    Thanks. I found this website where the person will read it $1 per 1k words. So it would only cost $57 for a two week response time. Is this a good idea for a substantive opinion?

    In general, beta readers are free (with the caveat that a swap is often the rule; you do mine and I'll do yours). Editors cost money.

    Whether you get value for what you pay an editor/time you put into beta-ing depends on how good and useful the feedback you receive is. Since I don't know anything about this wanderlost person, I can't judge whether their feedback would be useful or not. But it looks like s/he will do a first chapter for free, to see if their feedback clicks for you, so it may be worth trying that.

    I can absolutely guarantee that no one will want to steal your work. If it was that fantabulously good, agents would be snapping it up. And pretty much every writer already has a zillion ideas of their own, and not enough hours to spend on them.

    Adding: as noted above, the 'share your work' subforum here at AW is a great place to get (and give!) feedback. While you do have to be an established (50 posts) member to post your own work for feedback, you can ask for feedback on the first paragraph or so right away (I think the threads in each genre subforum are called 'hook me in 200 words'). It's a way to get interacting with other writers in your genre here, and to meet potential beta readers.
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