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Don't hire a beta reader.

What I'd suggest you do is spend some time exploring this site, especially the Share Your Work section (password: vista). Make some posts; give people a chance to get to know you. When you've accrued 50+ substantive posts, you can start your own thread in the appropriate SYW subforum (be sure to read the stickies). Get some feedback there first. Then, you can go to the Beta Readers subforum and post a request. You'll generally get more responses if people have had a chance to look at your work ahead of time.

No one here wants to steal your work. We're all busy with our own. Here's a good article on the topic: Jane Friedman - Are You Worried Your Ideas or Work Will Be Stolen?
Thanks. I found this website where the person will read it $1 per 1k words. So it would only cost $57 for a two week response time. Is this a good idea for a substantive opinion?