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Thread: Study finds that giving cash to poor people creates positive ripples

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    I think individuals often become more socially liberal as they move through their lives, if they live lives that expose them to different ideas and people. Where you end up depends a lot on where you started, though, and on the core values you started with. My grandmother would have been horrified if my mother and father had lived together before being married in the early 60s, but she didn't bat an eye when several of her grandchildren co-habitated with their significant others for years before getting married in the 90s. But her objections to cohabitation back in the day weren't because of religion or anything like that (she wasn't religious at all), but simply because she didn't really know anyone who did things that way.

    I think older people seem more socially conservative to young people, even though the old people are personally more liberal than they started out, is because the younger folks don't always have an appreciation of where their grandparents (or parents) started out.

    I've seen people go the other way too, sometimes because of something that happened that shook their faith in other people, or because of compassion fatigue or something.

    Some people definitely become more fiscally conservative as they age. They don't want to pay taxes to support schools after their kids are grown up, which is (imo) selfish. They may also more understandably worry about how rising property taxes (if their home value is increasing) will affect them when their own income isn't rising proportionally (this drove prop 13 in California).

    People sometimes change political focus once they have kids too. For instance, people may be all for low income housing, and integrating schools, and affirmative action etc. etc., but when they have kids of their own, they suddenly want policies and resource allocations that are best for their own children, even this means other (poorer) families don't get what is best for them.

    This creates cognitive dissonance, which has to be dealt with in some way. For some, it entails a shift towards more conservative politics.
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