It's a full scale, frontal assault. Two biggies in the last couple of days:

1) Item 1, the Georgia Heartbeat Bill. Many have heard about the general idea of a "heartbeat" bill. I'm going to set aside the fallacy of a 6-week fetal "heartbeat" for now, as well as the high unlikelihood of most women knowing they're pregnant within 6 weeks, to focus your attention on the wider matters addressed in the legislation that election cheat Brian Kemp has signed into law. The law declares
“unborn children are a class of living, distinct person” that deserves “full legal recognition.” Thus, Georgia law must “recognize unborn children as natural persons”—not just for the purposes of abortion, but as a legal rule.
The upshot:
....The bill confirms that fetuses “shall be included in population based determinations” from now on, because they are legally humans, and residents of the state.
Taken literally, it means women and physicians who abort will be subject to murder charges and, if found guilty, incarceration. Taken to its (il)logical extreme, it also means fetuses of pregnant prison inmates will immediately have a 4th Amendment case against being held in prison without due process. The fetus didn't commit a crime, so the state has no right to keep it imprisoned.

Even women who seek lawful abortions out of state may not escape punishment. If a Georgia resident plans to travel elsewhere to obtain an abortion, she may be charged with conspiracy to commit murder, punishable by 10 years’ imprisonment. An individual who helps a woman plan her trip to get an out-of-state abortion, or transports her to the clinic, may also be charged with conspiracy. These individuals, after all, are “conspiring” to end of the life of a “person” with “full legal recognition” under Georgia law.
Women who suffer miscarriages will also be considered suspect.
Prosecutors may interrogate women who miscarry to determine whether they can be held responsible; if they find evidence of culpability, they may charge, detain, and try these women for the death of their fetuses.
2) Item 2, the Ohio Insurance Coverage Restriction bill. 1/5th of the Ohio House reps have signed onto a bill that would prohibit PRIVATE insurance companies from covering abortion services. The party of small government is telling insurance companies what they CAN'T cover. The bill includes this restrictive language.
The bill would ban nontherapeutic abortions that include "drugs or devices used to prevent the implantation of a fertilized ovum.”
That means birth control. But what, you may be asking, about the case of the mother's life being endangered by, oh, IDK, an ectopic pregnancy?
And Becker says the bill also speaks to coverage of ectopic or tubal pregnancies where the fertilized egg attaches outside of the womb.

“Part of that treatment would be removing that embryo from the fallopian tube and reinserting it in the uterus so that is defined as not an abortion under this bill," Becker explains.
Except, that's not a thing. It's not medically possible. It's made up out of whole cloth.

Make no mistake, this is not just an assault on abortion. It's a full on assault on women. Their rights, their autonomy, their humanity. We are to be reduced to unwilling incubators. These laws are extreme, and neither of them are likely to withstand reasonable Supreme Court scrutiny, but I'm not sure how "reasonable" our SCOTUS will be by the time any challenges make it up there. And these bills won't stop coming.

Welcome to the Christo-Fascist States of America.