If I'm asked for help, I give it if I can. Even if they are standing outside a liquor store and ask for money for a cup of coffee (and I'm pretty sure my money is going to go for a bottle of something) but I always think that perhaps this time they will actually get that cup of coffee. I'd far rather be scammed than not give. I am particularly generous with teens because if my kid was in want, I'd appreciate someone trying to help.

As for the cancelled pilot study. This money (and in the grand scheme of things it wasn't a lot) was going directly to the recipients where they could use it as they wish. The people were using it to better themselves and their families. Think about where these pilot project people (and really everyone other normal people of modest means) spend their money. That's right, they spend it in the community. They buy goods from local retailers, they pay to take courses and programmes from local schools, they stay in their areas and these communities are directly benefited by this cash. Then think about the wealthy, and the huge tax breaks given to the rich and very rich, by the same government. Where do wealthy spend their extra money? While some may come to the community, they most likely sock it away in stocks, bonds, off shore accounts, real estate or expensive toys like yachts and cars - and the local communities are NOT the beneficiaries. I would far rather my tax money be given to people who have a chance to better themselves and their families, than it go to tax breaks for the ultra rich.