I'm looking to replace my old, beaten, and all around worn out volumes with minty fresh replacements. Primary examples include my Harry Potter collection. Book one, paperback, is positively shredded. There's a huge rip down the spine making the title unintelligible. Books two and three, hardcover, have long since been divested of their cover sleeves and are just in phenomenally bad shape. They also bear crayon scribbles on random pages here and there from my sister who was a baby at the time.
And my Dragon Prince books (Melanie Rawn). Both books one and two are damaged beyond repair. Hell, book two is actually in two distinct pieces having been read so many times.
And despite all this...once they are replaced...I know I'm going to continue to read the old withered copies. The new ones will just end up looking pretty on the shelf. I guess its's just their age and weather-beaten characteristics that give them sentimental value to me. All the rips, tears, smudges, and missing covers give them a timeless character that I just can't stand to part with.
Anyone else done this with their book collection or feel the same way about their old volumes?