Hi All,

I found an online course on writing mystery stories in early October. So, Iím now starting my third month of writing. Iím a retired mechanical engineer in the oil, gas and chemical industry. Iíd written lots of technical stuff in my career, but Iíd never ventured into fiction. Iím thoroughly enjoying this new hobby.

So far Iíve written lots of short mystery pieces, and a little fantasy fiction.

Iím not a particularly eclectic reader. I read mysteryís mostly, an occasional sci-fi/fantasy, and some science-based non-fiction.

Hobbies include astronomy (I own a 200 mm Schmidt-Cassegrain Ďscope), building robots and other electronic stuff, fly fishing, and now writing.

Apart from Absolute Write, Iím also a member of Silver Pen Writers, and have posted a total of four pieces to date.