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Thread: The 2020 Sekrit Solstice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story Swap!

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    vacuous eyes, will bark at shadows Norman Mjadwesch's Avatar
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    Mar 2018
    I. Am. In. Give and receive! I’ll try very hard to not go down the novella route (but no promises).

    I’m pretty happy to receive any content, enough that I’m not going to put anything on my ban list except no pet deaths, please. I’m not a fan of vampires and ghosts, though if they happen then I’ll go along with it.

    To give? Depending, but there’ll probably be humour, and swearing is likely but I can leave it out by request. I’m really bad at writing horror and haven’t ever written anything along smexy themes, although that’s hardly going to be a specific request, is it? I’d rather not do space opera right now and I don’t even know why. There is a high probability that characters will die. Some of them will deserve it.

    I’d like to keep my prompt basic to allow my gifter to have as much scope as they’d like:

    The forest is alive.

    Also. To those who participated in the mid-year Sisyphus, my sincerest apologies. I haven’t yet had a chance to read most of the stories I’ve got in my in-tray, and I really do intend to request everyone’s work. Unfortunately life took out its Big Hammer during the last couple of months and I’ve been missing from the boards, which kinda sucks. There have been horrific fires in my area and I’ve spent the last few weeks prepping to save my house / evacuate if unable, and then I got an ear infection (probably hexed by Tiny Eye Volcano Frog) and I also got a tick on my head that’s caused me a few problems. But. Now I’m good to go.
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