I’m seeing some really cool prompts here so far! There are probably about ten story ideas going around in my brain already and we don’t even have the full quota of Sisyphusers on board yet.

Bring it!

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Eek! Hope everything's ok, Norman, and I was wondering why the limericks thread was almost respectable these days.
You’d know as well as I do that ticks on dogs is a thing.

And yes, I have noticed that the limericks thread has fallen to unacceptable standards and I’ll be sure to report that to Admin if someone doesn’t do something about it as a matter of urgency.

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Aw, poor you. My sympathy! Glad to hear you're safe(r) now.
Hello there, seemingly harmless frog.

Thank you for your sympathy, and I hope your eyes are better, too. This time around had better be a trouble free time for our poor writing friends or else I’ll be having something to say about it to the Karma Gods, and maybe pen a letter to the CDC.