I miss the baking in this thread. I miss all the people who used to play here

Anyway, week 2, and still not exactly high on editing. I've done a little bit of gods, but not a huge amount. If I manage to get it done though, it's a novelette, not a short story, so maybe I'll count it as two. I'm probably getting ahead of myself there though :P I've started the second new story draft, only have about 500 words of it so far, but think I know where it's going.

I finished the first Mediator book, Love You to Death, and it was fun. It was nice, after my Spirits series, to read well-formed sentences too. I haven't started the next book yet because the MC spends most of it being completely wrong - I remember that - and it makes me reluctant.

Tiny bit of game words, obviously no other editing, no MoF this week. I did, however, finish the present I was making for my sister! (Mostly. My other sister is hopefully going to staple it for me at her work.) I really hope she likes it, given how much time has gone into it.

And today I'm going to decorate another cake for the other sister (the stapling one, not the one I live with, who will also be decorating). Honestly, between xmas, two family bdays, and all the end of year attempts to catch up, it's wonder I get anything done in December.

1. Read five books. 4/5
2. Draft two new stories. 1/2

3. Edit 'gods'. Tinsy, tiny start.
3.2 Edit one other story. Nope.
3.6 (bonus) Edit one other other story or two flash. Definitely nope.

4. Game planning. Tinsy, tiny bit.
5. Continue MoF (NaNo). Tinsy bit.
6. Read or write or edit each day. Yes!

7. Bake something! Decorations!