The first week has not been good for editing, but I have written a story and done a tinsy bit on the NaNo novel.

I have also read the rest of my spirits series by Tony Foster - so Castle Spirits, Coastguard Spirits, Cave Spirits. They lose any continuity but a vague nod by the end of it lol. Still fun. I thought I had one more ghost book; then I remembered it was actually a time travel story (which the protagonist thinks might be ghosts at the start). So I've moved on to my sister's Meg Cabot Mediator books, which are always a fun, easy read.

My family doesn't do presents (except for the small children) when we're not getting together (and then we like to do secret santa), so I just need to buy for the sister I live with. We decided to do fancy stockings, and I've made good progress on that this week (I'm creating something for her as well as buying, so that's taking lots of time).

I forgot to put baking on my goal list! It's there now. And I've... decorated more than baked. My other sister, the one with the kids, asked us to make the birthday cake for my niece's 5th bday today (the last birthday she tried, on her limited time, it did not end happily). We decided to go with packet mix cakes just to focus on the decorations - a t-rex theme - and it looked pretty awesome.

So while I have not done any editing, I feel like I've had a productive week.

1. Read five books. 3/5
2. Draft two new stories. 1/2

3. Edit 'gods'. Nope.
3.2 Edit one other story. Nope.
3.6 (bonus) Edit one other other story or two flash. Definitely nope.

4. Game planning. Nope.
5. Continue MoF (NaNo). Tinsy bit.
6. Read or write or edit each day. Yes!

7. Bake something! Decorations!