Is it because the MC was male, or because of the characteristics of that particular male MC? I don't know the particulars of crime and of what female (or male) readers in that genre like in particular, but in the genres I read (fantasy and SF), women generally do read books with male MCs as well as ones with female MCs. Personally, I find many male MCs likable, or at least interesting and intriguing if I don't like them, per se, but there is a certain kind of male MC I don't like, and I suspect it's because they're written to appeal more to male fantasies.

I don't tend to like stories with alpha guys who are effortlessly competent at everything and who have gorgeous women crawling all over them as a narrative truth and this is never examined or deconstructed and women are never presented as anything but accessories or eye candy. Likewise for stories where women don't play any role at all aside from victims of male aggression or rewards for male competence.

There are some novels where I read the back cover copy and maybe an opening page or so, and I put them down thinking, "this is a dude book." I can't explain exactly why--beyond what I mentioned in the last paragraph--some books give me this impression, but it's not simply because the story opens with a male pov character or has a male protagonist. It has something to do with the way women are (or aren't) portrayed in the story as well, and in whether or not the male character is emotionally complex, has an interesting voice, and has goals I can relate to.