Stories about self-doubt. Uncertainty for the future. Inadequacy. Overcoming personal struggles. I ask this because the novel Iím working on is one that Iíve been transforming for well over a decade fueled by my experiences with anxiety and how it shaped my life decisions. Iím close to a place in life where I feel comfortable with what Iíve accomplished but looking at the up and coming generation, theyíre much more ďopenĒ on social media than I was at their age (for context, my teen years were during the boom of bbs and AOL chatrooms so anonymity was a default of sorts).

Will teens who read these these days still find some solace in novels about overcoming internal struggles? Iím in my early 30ís with no plans for kids so input from any parents with pre-teens or teens would be appreciated. Actual teens too. I just donít want my novel to feel like itís ďstuck in a social time capsuleĒ or something like that. Also the main characters are two girls and the story will focus more on their friendship, romance not really a huge concern for them, and some random sci fantasy going on the background.