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If you have a full-sized novel, not a thriller or novella, chapter ends are good stopping points. You can have cliffhangers on them, but they need to be a place where the reader can put the book down after their spouse has nagged them to go to sleep for the past half-hour.
Screw the spouse, read the book.

As stated in my other post, a writer should show NO consideration for the feelings of the reader, but hook them hard like a fish and not let them go until the last page of the book.

Chapter breaks need to have a cliffhanger of some sort to urge the reader to turn the page. The reader HAS to know what happens next. If the chapter winds things up in a nice little stopping place the reader might stash the book under the bed and never return.

I learned about the cliffhanger thing in grade school when the teacher read A Wrinkle in Time to us. I'd never encountered SF in book form before, just in cartoons. This was the most awesome story, ever, and the chapter breaks were always at a climax. We begged and begged her to read just a little of the next one, and groaned in agony when she put the book away until next time.

THAT'S what you do to readers. Hook them hard, make them ride your tiger until they're exhausted, and don't let them off until you're done. They will be back for more.