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Thread: December 2019 Challenge - Write Every Day!

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    Power to the pen! Taylor Harbin's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Cindyt View Post
    Day 7

    Word Count - 145

    Revisions - 2 scenes

    black.e.weis - I havenít done much myself.

    April - WTG on finishing that chapter

    Layla - Congrats on the ľ page! It was stressful, but I prevailed.

    Taylor - What kind of martial arts--if you donít mind me asking.
    Not at all. I'm into tang soo do. My wife works with one of the instructors, so that's how we found out about it. When we moved here a year ago we both decided we need regular exercise, and she suggested martial arts since we would learn things in addition to getting fitter (another plus is that we can still defend ourselves at work, where neither of us are allowed to carry weapons; not that I want to necessarily, we're blessed to live in a low-crime area). The school is run by some great people and we've made several friends (three of which have been very helpful in getting our house ready for moving day). Every test is comprehensive, so it can be exhausting, but we have it our best shot. I'm confident we'll advance to the next rank.

    Meanwhile, I realized that my current notes are just too much for a short story. Darn it all, I was outlining another book. So, I'm cutting things down to the bare minimum: starting at the very end of the MC's time-travels so we have room for his debriefing with the client who hired him and a discussion about what he found. I think that's all I can do with 5000 words.

    Glad everyone else is making headway!
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