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Thread: December 2019 Challenge - Write Every Day!

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    practical experience, FTW Cindyt's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
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    Day 2

    Word Count - 658

    Research - Amount of water in a tub bath--70 gallons. Expensive perfumes. It had to be the most expensive brand because she is a globetrotting fashion horse whose daddy has a gazillion dollars. Chanel Grand Extrait goes for $4,200 per ounce these days and $1,756 in 1985. Bingo!

    Revisions - 4 major scenes and deleted a dupe.

    Tweek - Four chapters

    black.e.weis - Your novel sounds interesting. I love WWII/WWIII stories. WTG on the 10 pages!

    Donovan - Congrats on the 1,000 word count. Doesn’t it feel good to find yourshef happy with what you’ve written?

    April - Good luck with that last chunk. My double donut day is coming up fast. Lol.

    Layla - Congrats on the Ĺ page. Get better soon.

    Taylor - Love me some time travel stories.

    sandree - good luck with the newsletter.

    Ptero - 165 words is better than nothing and a no show.

    shanthini -

    Keithy - WTG on 829 words! Sounds like you had a productive day.

    aurora - Welcome back! WTG on 174 words! That’s more than your goal. Thatt’s always good.

    Didn’t do as much today as yesterday due to revisions. Actually, I could have added perhaps 500 more words, but I wasn’t fresh enough to create the scene where Billy hit’s a major drug lord for DEADco. Yes, he’s back working undercover for them. The SAC kind of twisted his arm back into the pack of animal-code agents. This dovetails with main plot, except for this one segue into wet work.

    Now, imma go watch IT: The Second Chapter amazon prime.
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    You can fix anything but a blank page.--Bonnie Hearn Hill


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