A cardinal sin I see all the time is a first-person mystery where the protagonist has to show the readers enough clues to solve the mystery before the protagonist can solve it. Often by the time the protagonist bumbles into the solution, I'm practically yelling at the book, upset at how stupid the protagonist feels. When a character is too victimized or too anything, readers can feel like that.

So yeah, if you're reading a story and feel like the character is a moron and unlikable, it might be because the character is a moron and unlikable. It's subjective, as some people will find a character relatable and others obnoxious. The only way to know if your story feels that way to others is to have others read it.

If it's their choices that led to their problems, you can get away with it if you show why your character suddenly decides to not be a victim anymore. Or if they learn what was causing them to be a victim.

Then again, The Color of Magic sold tons, even though Rincewind was the worst, most victim protagonist ever.

In other words, you're not wrong, but it's all subjective.