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Thread: Bowker ISBN questions

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    Bowker ISBN questions

    I got the ten pack and have used two of them for print and ebook (and anticipate using a third when i sort out Ingram Spark.) Three down.

    Am I supposed to tell bowker the titles associated with the numbers they sold me? Amazon said something in their Q&A about how they'd make sure everything matches between my numbers and Bowker. But I don't see why Bowker would care what I attach the numbers to, and maybe Amazon just needs to know I own them.

    And, second question, when I filled out the fields to publish at Amazon, one of them asked for the source of my ISBNs, to which I said Bowker. But now, not he product page, the publisher is listed as Bowker--even though I said I was the publisher. (Bowker was the source of the ISBNs.)

    Should I worry about this, sort it out, email someone, monkey-wrench around in the fields (which might screw something up) or just not worry?
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