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Thread: time commitment needed to freelance?

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    Freelancing seems to be a very different gig from other types of writing. If I want to contribute something for consideration in an anthology, I'll read the rules, write something that matches what they seem to be looking for, turn it in, and get the yea or the nay. If it's a yea, I sign my contract, it gets published, I get my payment and my copies, and I rinse and repeat. If it's a nay, I set it aside, keep an eye open for where it might be welcome in the future, and get on to the next project with some other market.

    I've tried responding to a few calls for nonfiction pieces. One was a local autumn events magazine for a place I'd visited the previous year, so I had a bunch of photos and had participated in some interesting things that I figured I could write about in a knowledgeable kind of way. Another one was for a homeschool magazine. The travel/tourist events magazine was like, "No thanks; we're looking for something with x, y, and z." and I took that as a "reject/revise", so I revised it to include x, y, and z and resubmitted... and they're like, "No means no, go away." And the homeschool magazine seemed to like my piece, and asked me for a photo and a bio, but never bothered to give a contract or actually give me an acceptance. I only found that my piece was published many months later... and I'd never been paid the advertised rate for it, either.

    Sure, there have been a few anthologies that never bothered to pay me what had been promised. But these days, I'm sticking more with short fiction, because I was getting frustrated trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with the unwritten rules of freelance submissions.
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