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So my story can have little tidbits of romance, Erotica, excetra but at the core of the story it will still be X genre instead of romance? Ok I can see that. I will say that the romantic subplot will take up a bulk of the story and sure my story could survive with the romance ripped out but for me I think it's to ingrained at this point to take it out and tell a good story. It is one of the main driving forces in the book but it will be a slow burn told over several books. But I thank all of you for letting me know just how to tell a pure romance story from a romantic subplot story. I shall take all of this advice to heart when I begin my writing and see just were my story will go as I write it.
Romantic (and erotic) subplots can certainly be hefty and important, even expected, elements in genres other than romance. It's a matter of whether the romantic elements are the main focus of the story or whether they are a part of the story.

An example would be Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart Trilogy. The book is filled with (pretty explicit) sex and romance, and the story wouldn't be at all the same without these elements. The protagonist's sexual nature is very central to her character, and there is (spoiler) a happily ever after for the protagonist and her main love, who overcome countless obstacles to be and stay together.

BUT, the story is centered on a lot more than the erotic and romantic elements. It's a work of fantasy set in an alternative historical timeline, and there are numerous supernatural and sociopolitical plot elements. The protagonist's important romance develops as these other elements are occurring, possibly even in spite of them, rather than being the reason these other elements are occurring. The romantic relationship has an arc of its own, and it's interwoven with the larger plot, but I wouldn't say it's the main driver of the larger plot.