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Thread: Backing up your manuscript

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMcCunney View Post
    What format were the source files in?

    CVS and git are version control systems, but both implicitly expect the source document to be a text file. You check in a document into the VCS. When you want to work on it, you check it out and do revisions. When you check it back in, the VCS does a diff on the new version, and saves what changed as a delta to the original. You can reproduce the source document at any point by starting with the initial check in and applying deltas up the the desired revision point.
    I've been using version control systems for my day job since 1989.

    I've also had to support content experts, faculty and authors using git, CVS, and proprietary version control systems.

    Most users outside of software and dev communities aren't even sure what a .txt file vs .rtf or .doc is; if you're lucky the average user knows the difference between a Web browser and a word processor.

    Many don't; which is why I'm saying using a version control isn't for a newbie. It's not.

    And yes, git and CVS can handle binary files; and as Liz Monster notes, it's saving the full version each time, which is why large development projects with fifty or sixty content creators and engineers using the same repository are supervised by a data wrangler or librarian. It's a good idea to have a very clear naming rubric as well as time and date stamps, and, bringing us around full circle, you still need multiple redundant back ups and a test to make sure restore actually works.

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