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Thread: People who cheat for pay are evil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unimportant View Post
    Since I started this one, I'll try to answer:

    I looked at her 'about me' and my hackles raised. A quick google showed me that the poster works for a paper mill called dissertation homework. She's spammed half the planet about it, so it wasn't hard to find.

    While the website itself is the teeniest bit coy about what they do, Daisy elsewhere has been very frank:

    As a university academic, I have a very personal and visceral reaction to people who help students cheat. I'm aware not everyone holds my views. So I asked one of the admins to check this poster and see if they found her to be someone who does not fit with AW's ethos.
    Same here, and I'm a community college professor. Most of our students are not rich, but we still get students who, through desperation, dishonesty, or for some other reason, pay for papers (more commonly they simply copy paste verbatim from the internet, which is more affordable but easier for me to catch).

    It's not doing a student any service to accept money to help them defraud their instructors, future employers, and society in general and to not learn what they are paying fees to learn. It shows contempt for education and what it represents.

    Paper writing services are revolting.
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