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Thread: Let's all go to the Smithses' House

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    Let's all go to the Smithses' House

    So one of my MC's last names ends in 's', similar to if someone had the last name of "Smiths."

    For the sake of example let's say her name is "Miths." Is there any case for her possessive form to be Miths' rather than Miths's.

    It feels better to me to say, "they all went to Miths' house," than "they all went to Miths's house," and I think that's the way the other characters would refer to it without thinking.

    I've seen an example at
    says it is correct to say:

    • Beverly Hillsí current mayor
    • the United Statesí lingering debt problem
    • Cisco Systemsí CEO
    • the Beatlesí first album

    But only because it is a Singular noun in a plural form.

    Any thoughts? Do you think anyone would be upset if I used Miths' rather than Miths's?
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