If you all read my previous post just EIGHT DAYS AGO, I said I had finished the first and second books of my series pretty quickly, and had started on the 3rd that night. IN EIGHT DAYS, I just finished the third- a whopping 281 page, 74,000 word novel!
I can't believe it! This is crazy! I just keep writing and writing!

And it makes me sad because the series ends with the fourth, but I'll be writing a special edition bonus book as the fifth. And then I'm done with these characters! ACK!

Holy moly! I'm like on a special kind of high right now so sorry if I'm all over the place. My new birth control pill isn't helping things either, LOL.

Right now, I plan to just write the first chapter or two, since it continues off the surprise ending of the 3rd, then just put a few points as to where I want the plot to go, and then I won't touch the fourth for awhile. I want to take a break from them and work on my werewolf series for a bit. Then I can come back with a fresh mind and read over the first three, revise and add in if needed, then start the fourth back up

I hope this helps motivate you to keep writing! AW has been a help for me to keep going, so I hope I can help you too!